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Monday, April 26, 2010

What are the chances?

Answer: 3%
What is the question? Possibility of a false positive test…

This morning we had the follow up doctor’s appointment from Todd’s surgery 2 weeks ago… ALL results indicate that he is 100% Cancer FREE.

Puzzled? Confused? Yeah, join the club…

In all our doctor’s history of running this specific test he has yet to ever see a false positive result. We were told this test has a 97% accuracy rate.
Meaning that, since the initial urine test taken tested positive for cancer, we were most likely looking and responding as such.

Surgery was the next step to take actual tissue samples and literally go in and look to see what’s on the inside of the bladder and kidney’s…. RESULTS from those tests (which are more accurate) are benign (non-cancerous).

So, what is the diagnosis? Cystitis (irritation inside the bladder). Treatable with medications and monitoring every few months going forward.

Now depending on what you believe there are a few things to take from this….

#1—Todd got lucky and fell into the 3%
#2—Todd did have cancer and no longer does
#3—Doctors don’t know anything and just needed a few extra insurance payments to finish the pool at the house in time for summer.

Our belief, God is in control of everything.
Someday we might find out and maybe we won’t.

The entire month of April will be one neither Todd nor I will ever forget. We are grateful for the journey He brought us through to remind us that He is in control and we aren’t. There is and was a reason for this experience and any doctor nor we can foresee what lies ahead, but we do believe that God exists and have seen His faithfulness.

As if that is not enough we have experienced Him through each and everyone in our lives. All 177 people that signed up on the Todd’s Warrior facebook page, the hundreds of people that have checked the blog, the phone calls that have resulted in our cell phones dying, the text messages, the cards and the support.

There is power in prayer and power in numbers. We have both and we have YOU to thank. From the very bottom of our hearts, we rejoice and will give all glory to Him who deserves it all.

On a side note to my husband…
You are amazing. You are courageous. You are beautiful. You are the essence of grace. You give more than you ask or request. You are gentle in spirit but a silent leader. You are humble. And, you Todd Allen Sellers…are my hero.

Walking next to you is an honor. Being your wife is a gift.

My prayer is that you embrace the YOU that God created and intended for you to be and then shine SO bright that the whole world sees how good HE is. I am confident that no matter what this life may throw at us while we are here on earth, we are going to be just fine and we will have some awesome laughs along the way.

Today, I choose you…

All my love,

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