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Thursday, April 8, 2010

We Came, They Saw....We Wait

First off please let me extend a big "Thank You" to all for your overwhelming support during this season of uncertainty. Todd and I appreciate all of your love and prayers as we discover what God is doing through this journey.

The exploratory surgery went well today...

Here's what we know:
- Todd has a thickened area on the bladder wall. Biopsy's were taken from inside the bladder for further testing to determine the source of the cancer.
- Doctor also noticed the right kidney was dilated and abnormal. X-rays and samples were taken for testing.
- As of right now, it could be the bladder, the kidney, both or neither.
How is that for helpful?

Next Steps:
- Test results can take anywhere from 2-5 business days. We are scheduled to see the doctor again on Monday, April 26th. Once the results come back, we will be contacted and you too will be notified.

How you can pray for us:
- Peace in the waiting...

Thank again for joining the ride with us!
Couldn't imagine doing it without you.

Much Love,
Todd and Annette


  1. I'm totally on board guys!!!praying every step of the way for you!

  2. I am proud of you two for your faith. It is an amazing example to so many. Know you are covered in prayers. I know we have not seen each other in years or been close in a long time, but know I care and love you and will be here if you need me. -Alli

  3. Just read this and know that I will support you in prayer as well. God is still a God of miracles and I see them all the time! It's time for yours :)

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  5. The McGee's are praying for you!!! Stay strong. Wear the pink visor for good luck!

  6. I think I am more like a stalker than a follower. :) You know you are in my prayers and I am here for you day or night!! You are such great friends and I thank God for you!!!

  7. Todd and Annette, our prayers are with you daily. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.